Beautiful Photo Frames and Borders Photoshop Tutorials and Plugins


It is true that Photo Effects is perhaps the most popular Photoshop topic today. And it is also true that after we applied an effect to a photo, we are tempted to “wrap it up” like a gift.

Adding frames to photos is a way to enhance the image in an artistic way. This article is a selection of some beautiful frames, edges and borders Photoshop resources you can apply to your photo albums.

Photo Frames, Borders and Edges Photoshop Tutorials

Grunge Photo Frame

Grungy old photo frame

Folded photo effect

Folded photo effect

elegant photo frame

Quick Grunge Photo Frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

elegant photo frame

Create a light painting effect photo frame

elegant photo frame

Elegant photo frame effect

Out of bounds effect

Out of bounds effect – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

Triptych frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

Grunge filmstrip frame – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

How to paint and apply a grungy border – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

3D Filmstrip – copyright Gavin Hoey 2012

Scotch tape effect

Wooden frame

Polaroids collage

Polaroid collage

displaced photo borders

Creating photo borders with displacement maps

Photo Frames, Borders and Edges Photoshop Plugins

Filter Forge Frame Effects

Filter Forge Freepack 3 – Frames | Mac and Windows | Free

Photoframe 4 plugin

PhotoFrame Free Edition | Mac and Windows | Commercial