Photographer’s Guide to Lightroom 5: Library Module


Adobe Lightroom 5: Library Module

A down-to-earth Lightroom 5 guide that spares you cheesy humor and gets straight to the point.

This guide details the inner workings of the Library Module of Lightroom 5 with everything explained in detail and all of the useful tips and suggestions needed to boost your workflow to the next level.┬áCatalogsBasic and Advanced settings and preferencesImporting/ExportingBasic and Advanced KeywordingWorkflow MethodsTethered CaptureEverything you need to know about Presets… and much more!My experience as a travel photographer working on-location for editorial and commercial clients has enabled me to master my workflow using just a single laptop computer and Lightroom 5. Everything from importing the images to sending the final retouched photos off to a client can be done inside of Lightroom with stunning efficiency and ease. The goal of this book is to kick your workflow to the next level no matter if you are new to Lightroom 5 or are

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