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The Best 80 Photoshop Text Effects on the Web


For some unknown reason, each time we try a new graphics application, we feel the uncontrollable desire to apply the most cheesy effects to beautifully designed typefaces. These so called text effects or type effects are carefully hidden guilty pleasures that most designers enjoy to try, but would never dare to apply in real life work.

For those like me that love text effects and have the courage to admit it, here’s a thorough guide to the best 80 text effects available on the web.

To some these may be not the best tutorials on the web, but certainly they are some of the best around. I had to eliminate those that looked nice but had very little preview images. This guide includes 78 Photoshop tutorials and 2 impressive collections of Photoshop Actions, plus 3 books on the subject.

If you have created a cool text effect and you believe it should be mentioned in this list, just leave a comment with the link to your tutorial or resource in the comments section.

Text Effects Tutorials for Photoshop

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Papercraft text effectfileteado0bloodtext00Pop-up papercraft text effect
realistic chrome and plastic text effect
candy cane text effect
neon text effect
old wood text
beer glass text effect
Harry potter text effect
theater sign text effect
Text burnt on wood in Photoshop


Plastic text
Gel text
Light burst text
Photo inside text
Halftone text